I want to tell you about an experience I had that felt horrible. Because I bet – on some level – you can relate.

I felt down, I had a lack of worthiness and just felt frustrated all around on a daily basis. Imposter syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome: a psychological pattern in which people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud.”

I’ve had it! Not only once, but a couple times in my business.

Let me explain:

When I first started coaching and helping people create more personal freedom and happiness in their lives, I doubted myself. I’d have thought such as, “What if I don’t know how to help? What if I’m not good enough? What if people figure out I don’t have it all figured out myself and am still working on this myself?”

The only way I got over this was by working with more people, deepening my knowledge, continuing to work on myself, building my skills and getting better. I did this and then I felt confident in my abilities to get people the results they wanted when working with me. Great!

But then…it happened.


I felt like an imposter.

People were starting to recognize me in the personal development arena. People were referring friends and colleagues to me. Clients left happy, satisfied and loving how they were feeling. But I felt like an imposter, or at least my checking account did.

How could this be? People were getting great results, but my income did not match the results people were getting or the kind sentiments they were saying about me. What’s worse was that people thought that I was highly successful, not because I told them that, but because that’s just what they figured. Now, we could define success in many different ways, and in many ways, I was extremely successful.

But, money, money, $…. was lacking! I was making some money but not enough to have any sort of savings. Past clients, workshop attendees, and audiences I spoke to gave me really nice accolades, yet I felt like such an IMPOSTER!!

I thought, “If they only knew I haven’t even hit 6 figures yet!”

It hurt.

It stung to have this burning desire and passion to reach a wider audience, and live my purpose of helping people live better lives…but I wanted to also live a better life! I wanted to both live my purpose while also providing for my family.

So, what changed?

Business skills. Working repeatable strategies. Learning how to actually build and run a successful business. (This wasn’t taught in my coaching certification program!)

I had to hire a business coach and strategist and learn the things I simply didn’t know. I chose to not go at this business alone and got the help I needed. I knew, to do this, I had to invest and hire someone who knew more about what I wanted than I did.

So…I did. I was nervous, but I did.

I doubled my income that year, followed by the next. But, I will never forget what it felt like feeling like a total imposter.

I now see this as part of my purpose and mission—to help other heart-centered people just as passionate and purposeful as me stop being frustrated with where their business isn’t, and start feeling fulfilled with their business so they can impact more people!

The side effects of this are: more fun, less stress, helping/reaching more people, making an impact in the world, having money to do other things you may not be able to do now.

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Wishing you joy and success in all your endeavors.