There are very strong warnings made when starting out as a Life Coach about not delving into the past.  After all, going back into one’s past and reliving it is better left to a psychologist who is trained in examining early childhood relationships and how that effects one now.  The only problem is that the past effects the present ALL of the time.  Heck, if we were always in the present in every moment, we would all be enlightened, wouldn’t we? Here’s the skinny on the past – it usually affects us no matter who we are; to varying degrees. I’m not sure I have met anyone who hasn’t had their past in some way, shape, or change how they see situations now.  Watch the video below….

I also believe that while coaches aren’t meant to relive someone’s past with them, there is a way of integrating one’s past into their current reality so they no longer have to be hindered by it. There is a delicate distinction between coaching and therapy; both have their places and points of power. There are many techniques and exercises I use to help a client create a new vision for themselves; one that they are wanting now.

I am a big fan of constantly re-examining who you are, where you are, and how you are viewing your life along with the experiences contained within it.  We are all artists and can sculpt more of what we want if we first know what it is we truly want.  With the right perspectives, the past can allow you to grow into who you are.  With an old, potentially limited and negative perspective, it can hinder you and color every major area of your life, creating more of exactly what you are trying to change.

We update our computer systems and operating programs constantly.  Yet, we forget to update our own operating systems to match where we are presently instead of using software that may be bugged and making you see yourself as broken and causing nothing but frustration. Let’s update our internal software!