Fall is here! This is the time of year when there is a lot of activity. Upcoming winter holidays, 3rd and 4th quarters in businesses, ramping up only to then go quiet at the end of the year.

Animals do this too. Squirrels, bears, bugs, and many other animals have been busy gathering everything they need for the upcoming winter. Traditionally, harvest time meant A LOT OF WORK for people! What does A LOT OF WORK bring with it?

Stress. Undo negativity.

So, to balance some of this energy, we need to laugh!

When I saw this, I laughed immediately because this felt like me in a 6 year-old, girl body!

Time is a valuable commodity, one of our most valuable. It’s not time that is the commodity though, it’s how we spend our time.

So, this fall…right now, I ask you: “How are you spending your time?” In positive, meaningful, connective, purpose-filled and fulfilling ways?


Feeling negative, down, stressed, anxious, fearful, short and frustrated? Notice where you are, then switch to where you want to be. Yes, sometimes it can be that simple.

Becoming aware of where you actually are can empower your next choice to be somewhere different.

Who knows, perhaps you will soon be drinking a pumpkin spice, hot beverage with a smile of happiness to be exactly where you are, enjoying who you are with, and most importantly, enjoying the fullness of who YOU are. Let’s drink to that!