There is so much going on right now on the planet, it is difficult to not feel that what goes on in my life on a daily basis is minuscule in comparison to Japan, Libya, and all the happenings across the globe.  It is when there is so much going on that I am reminded of how important our uni-verse is considering we are all a part of the same one verse.  We are all here together so what one person feels and experiences, energetically, has a ripple effect throughout the planet.

I am hearing a commonality with so many of my clients lately.  I am hearing a call to purpose.  At least 6 times a week, I hear people say that they want to find their true purpose.  They feel as if they are living their lives but something is missing.  The feeling of being here for “more” and to make more of a difference is embedded in them.  Now is the time to feel good about what you are doing and who you are as a being, not judging yourself for not doing enough.  Most importantly, not judging yourself for not being enough. Shifting the perceptions of “not enough” into everything you do in every moment is enough can have magnanimous effects in your life, how you feel about yourself and in turn what you represent to everyone you come into contact with.

I AM hearing your call to feel more purposeful in all that you do.

I am responding with a series of tele-classes and even…drum roll please…small (under 10 people) Skype groups where we can all see each other and interact.  A virtual group setting if you will.  I think it’s pretty cool in this day and age what technology can allow so no matter where in the world you are, you can participate!  There will be different days and times so please email me to find out more information about these offerings.  I might also be teaming up with someone very special for one of these!

“Being your own puzzle and fitting in the pieces” will cover-

-Seeing yourself and what you experience in a lighter, more balanced way

-If life was a game, would you take it as seriously?

-learning and finding tools to complete the puzzle that you wish to see manifest

-bringing tossed out pieces of your life back into harmony to fit in to complete the puzzle


“Living your purpose” will cover –

-defining what purpose means to you

-understanding where this sense of purpose comes from and how to balance the longing

-finding out what your purpose is and acting on it…right now

-feeling good about all that you have to offer and how to create from that feeling of self love


I want to thank you for being a part of my newsletter and for your continued interest in Being in Flow.  You wanting to live the best life you possibly can allows me to keep creating with excitement and passion.

May this week be filled with a sense of calm, peace and purpose for you.