As I am entering week 3 with my new daughter Lotus, I am reminded of just how easy it is to not be in the present moment. There is work, house straightening, dishes, emails, bills, etc…not to mention taking care of two girls now. How does all of this get done while remaining in the present moment? It has been challenging and a real opportunity to put presence into practice. Read how you can obtain a much deeper sense of peace and happiness by being present in each moment….

Announcing a new retreat in Portland, OR in July. Please read at very bottom of email for details

Why am I addressing staying present and why is it so important? We have all heard this concept being beaten over our heads about being present but what does it really mean? Being present means experiencing each moment as if it were new. A moment to cherish for it will not happen again. Not like that, not in the same way. It is important
because as a society, we are so distracted with doing, that we forget how to be. Be with others. Most importantly, be with ourselves. Fully be where we are right here, right now, no matter what the circumstance. Here are 3 helpful tools that you can practice this week. Please feel free to let me know how this goes for you. There is no pass or fail. Be aware of when you are in past or future, laugh when you catch yourself and then guide yourself back to now. All we have is right now so make sure this very moment counts.

1) If you are thinking about the past, chances are you are thinking limiting thoughts and are letting what has happened in your past shape your current reality. The present and the future can be completely different from the past so don’t let past experiences dictate what you want to create for yourself.

2) If you are thinking into the future, chances are you are feeling anxious and stressed. Thinking into the future too much takes you completely out of the present moment. Being in the moment can actually change your future so anything that you want to get done, anything you want to manifest for yourself, anything you want to be…BE THAT NOW. Manifest that now as if it is already happening to you. (this is a good quantum physics tool looking at all time as now.

3) Remind yourself that each moment here is special. You have a choice in each moment you are breathing how you want your energy to be. Contracted and stressed? Or flowing and free? Do you want to do something only to be thinking of what you have to do next or can you find enjoyment in doing the very thing you are doing right now?
Let’s slow down, take the time to enjoy our lives and the people in them. True joy, lasting happiness and fulfillment all come from being in the present moment.

By the way, can you tell that I am writing to myself here?
Thank you for listening and for reading…

One man stands between past and future.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT- I am pleased to be offering a retreat in Portland, OR coming up July 25th, 2013. “Heal Your Past, Live Your Present ”

This is a retreat that focuses on going deeper into remembering who you are and why you are here. We will break through some obstacles that are holding you back. This retreat will provide you with many tools to take home with you to start the process of becoming your own coach and guide. Following your own heart and intuition.

There will be guided meditations, different healing and spiritual modalities, group and private coaching, intuitive readings, walks in nature, reflection time, great people and whole lot more.

Early Bird Special is $580 through March. Regular price is $650 (please note this does not include lodging and airfare). There will be two choices for lodging close by. River’s Edge Hotel is beautiful and located right on the river for a perfect relaxing retreat state of mind. There will also be a less expensive option coming soon….

There will be snacks, beverages and light food provided by us during all group times.


Please also note that this is a group retreat. I do offer private intensives and private retreats for the individual who wants a radical life change and quick.
In light and joy,