Retainer Based Consulting Services

Companies | Families | Individuals

Have Randy on call to consult with you and bring radical transformation when you need immediate help for you, your family or your organization so it can be it’s very best.

Here are a few things we can work on together: 

Communication – Learn structured protocols of communication to foster closeness, openness, and camaraderie – find the ease in playing for the same team vs playing on opposite sides.

Relationships – Clear old patterns out of important relationships to create more harmony and connection. Simplify difficult situations with compassion and clear-mindedness.

Performance – Elevate your personal habits and performance to reach your highest-level goals.

Health – Activate your body’s natural energy and vitality with simple lifestyle changes.

Happiness –  Amplify your relationship with yourself and turn up the dial on confidence, clarity, presence, and joy. 

Prosperity – Expand your vision and get laser-focused on you or your company’s next steps to usher in more prosperity.

*Professional services like this are often expensible or tax-deductible for business needs. Many organizations have education or wellbeing budgets for employee development that may be available to you. Keep this in mind as you explore working with Randy.

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