How are you?

This has been one of the biggest energetic eruptions I can remember. From various natural disasters happening here and around the world to human destruction, this fall will be of deeper importance to go even further inward to reflect on what is happening in our internal world that mirrors all that is happening externally.

Beating ourselves up, judging others (and ourselves), criticizing, blaming—this is often our eruptive and hurtful internal state. This is not very different from the atrocities that are happening. Fall is time to go inward. Now, right now, we need to catch ourselves from being distracted. The tribe who is reading this is already self-aware. Now, I urge you to sink deeper into your internal wisdom. Don’t take the bait of shiny objects distracting you from being your best self—living your most meaningful life.

Staying grounded and focused is key right now. That’s why I want to share a few thoughts and tips with you to help you stay grounded…

It’s important to stay grounded and focused. Best way? STAY PRESENT. Do not take the bait for pasting, or futuring. You can only be your most powerful self when you are present…in the now. All of our power resides in THIS moment. This is where true peace and happiness lives.

I’m a HUGE fan of spirituality, metaphysics, energy, quantum physics and consciousness. At the foundation of all work I do, it’s a deeper dive deeper into your soul – learning more about who you are and what you are here to do.

But, the funny thing about all of this “spiritual work” is that it MUST be grounded! We are humans in the real world. Here to create REAL art. Build REAL businesses. Affect REAL change in our communities!

Energy has to go somewhere. So while the spiritual and mental stuff is so, so important…it can stay a concept, and to some degree become useless if we can’t translate it into physical experiences and actions.

You may know that it is important to be present, but if you are not consistently practicing this, you can beat yourself up for not being as present as you would like to be. You know not to sweat the small stuff, and if you are letting small things in your life be the driver of your everyday reality, you might as well not empower the concept unless you are ready to integrate it into a working model in your life.

So, if you are feeling like you know many concepts and you need to “live” them more, here are some ways you can put what you know into action:

  1. Pause and take 3 deep belly breaths. Breath pulls the soul back into the body.
  2. Make a list of all the things you know make you feel more whole, present, and connected. (You can pull from this list later. It’s a great practice to have it written down and show yourself what you already know. A little confirmation and self-validation goes a long way!)
  3. Choose something from the list that you can do today. Just choose one and integrate that into your day. Give yourself one goal, one task to focus on. Keep coming back to it all day.
  4. Make a list of what is distracting you from being present and feeling your own greatness. Eliminate one thing, when you add something that helps you feel more connected.
  5. Write what is MOST important to you. If you were dying in one week, what would be most important for you to focus on? Make sure you weave this in throughout your day.

I promise that doing this will help elevate your mood, having a huge impact on your performance throughout the day, and up energy levels. It will empower you to start becoming the master of your own life and dance into the Present Moment.

Stay here. Come into the moment that exists now. Let’s dance together.