Harmony is a pleasing arrangement of parts; when sounds come together to create a chord; when circumstances align just right to create balance. Being in harmony is like riding a glistening wave that breaks fluidly in one direction creating a playground for those that are on it (or in it).

All of my Life Coaching clients and friends alike say they want harmony. They even search for it.  Is harmony an illusion or can it be sustained?  Let’s see…

The wave of harmony actually exists within us. It is perpetual and constant even when we cannot see that it is there.  Usually when in a “tough” situation, it may be difficult to find that wave of harmony.  I know I have chased this wave like a nomadic traveling surfer searching for the ultimate wave; catching up to it only to ride on it and then fall off again. Seeing it in the distance and then paddling harder and faster to catch it. What a ride! Cowabunga! Then, pow. Crash. Falling off of the wave of harmony into disharmony.

Harmony most certainly exists all the time much like being centered exists all the time.  Imagine harmony as a linear line.  We are either below the line, above the line or straddling the line at any given moment. Harmony is much like self-awareness and enlightenment.  Often we get glimpses of it (moments that cannot be measured) and then, in an instant, they change to something different.

Regaining Harmony

So why isn’t harmony sustaining? Well, the ultimate truth is that it is, but because we are in human form, most of the time we get thrown off. Harmony, in my opinion, is the ability to find it again.  The ability to regain balance when off-balance.  If we felt harmony each and every moment of life, we would probably be living a different existence with different experiences. There can be no way to have the full experience of most of the things you have already experienced in life, at least emotionally, with our being above the line or below the line  of harmony. It is my belief that it is a rarity to experience everything as harmonious.  Although, circumstances without emotion, value or judgement are inherently neutral.  We place meaning, good and bad, happy or sad on each experience we have.  We will observe ourselves being above the line at times and below the line at times.  It is up to us to come back to center.  That is the place of harmony.  That is the grand resonance that, when heard and felt, evokes that chill tingling harmony in a song or that exact moment where everything feels aligned and working together. It’s just right.

There are always ups and downs. Life will move all around and it can be unrealistic to expect things to always be harmonious. However, you have a choice whether you react to things in a harmonious way or not.  If you catch yourself out of harmony, you can adjust what you need to and find the right pitch that brings that internal peace.

Life is a wave full of experience, ripe with excitement and laden with perils. This is part of what makes it so exciting!  Always check in with yourself to see where you are in relation to harmony.  Are you waiting to catch the wave? Have you been thrown off of the wave?  Are you stunned from being tossed off, unaware there is another wave coming?  See where you are and then get up on that board and ride.  Enjoy the ocean. Enjoy the waves, the water the sun.  Observe how all of them work together in harmony. Let every situation be a reminder of the harmony that exists within you. When we can find it within, the outer world becomes a reflection that matches the inside.