Today, one of my clients asked how it has been for me to go through transitions. I smiled to myself because I have had some experience with transitions. Haven’t we all?
Some transitions can be smooth, some the polar opposite. Anytime I have experienced the latter one, it always feels rough, clumsy and downright scary. (I’m putting it mildly in some cases I can remember!) Sometimes a mere thought of moving into the unknown is reason enough for fear. Looking back in my life, every transition I have ever experienced was always for the better. Even the ones that didn’t look so pretty.
They always lead to a place of learning, growth and expansion. No matter what it is, this is always the case.

On a foggy day where the fog is so thick that you can barely see in front of you and you have to go out for something, how would you handle it?
Would you choose not to take that journey?
Or would you walk, only being able to take one step at a time unable to see where you need to get to? Most of the time we take that journey without even realizing it. No matter what, it is done one step at a time, creating moment to moment.

Now, but not always, when I find myself in the midst of a growth period or “transition”
I can look around and realize what is happening. Instead of getting sucked into a the tornado of it all, I can be an observer and know that if my house gets picked up, it will land in Kansas, out of Kansas, or where ever it is meant to land.

These are the times when something amazing can happen. Something transformational. Something even momentous. If I can trust that I am on that path, even if I can’t see where it leads, I know that all I have to do is lift up my foot and take the next step. There will always be a path for me and there will always be a next step, I just have to trust that the path is there.

What an amazing movie to one day be able to look at our footprints and watch how beautifully the design has been laid.

Transitions are footprints. Walk joyously and step in freedom!