Trust is the root of every relationship making it grow. With it, everything flourishes. Without it, illusions are built and things crumble.

Trust is something that you want, correct? This is something that you want to be able to know you have within all of your relationships, the one thing that remains consistent besides love.
We want love, we want trust.

If this is something that is important to you, if you want to receive trust in your relationships, you must realize that you are looking for something to come to you as opposed to come from you.

It all starts with you. Do you trust yourself? It is very easy to say “yes, of course I trust myself, I am one of the only ones I trust implicitly.” I ask you, do you really trust yourself?

Do you trust the decisions you make on a daily basis?
Do you trust that the decisions you have made up until now have been for a grand purpose?

Do you doubt yourself in any area?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you have an indication of areas you may not be trusting yourself in.

When you are clear in your choices, decisions and actions, you build and create from a place of trust. Remember, your world is created from the inside out not the other way around. You want more trust? You want more love? Practice giving it to yourself.

Here are some easy exercises you can do to build trust with yourself.

1) Be aware of how many choices you have during your day.

2) When presented with a choice, still yourself and check in. See if you are reacting to what someone else wants or if you are making this choice from a place of what YOU want.

3) Once you make the choice, stand behind that choice and know that if you have truly checked in with yourself, the choice was right for you in that moment. Believe in yourself. Believe that you know what is best for you in every now moment.

4) Use all of your senses and intuition to guide your choices.

5) When you observe that you are doing this, acknowledge yourself and notice how you feel. Notice how it feels to lead your self, guide yourself, trust yourself.

The answers we seek are always with in us whether we get to them ourselves or by another person being a reflection for us.

I trust in this process. I trust that there is an inner trust guru within all of us.

Now is the timing to find your own guru inside of you.

Trust that you know