All I have to say is could there be anymore going on at this time? Things are getting intense on the planet!

If you are one of the millions who are feeling confused lately or unsure of things in your life…you will want to read this.

What times we live in. Occupy Wall Street, wars, failing economy, civil unrest, natural disasters.  There is a lot of contraction happening.  Let’s focus on the other part….the part of expansion.

The energy on the planet is expanding and moving quickly, cleansing all of the things that are not working.  Inevitably, what doesn’t work will be replaced with what does.  My question to all who read this is:  Are you expanding and cleansing all the things that are not working in your life?  Have you updated your personal operating system lately?

Never in my life have I heard so many people questioning where they are at in their lives creatively, financially and spiritually.  It is as if there is a massive crossroads where people are waking up from a dream-like state and asking themselves what they really want out of life, work, family, friends, etc…

I am watching clients shift from confusion and apathy to fulfillment and excitement once they feel they are on the soul path for themselves and following what feels right for them in their heart.  My job has never been so challenging and rewarding.  I am observing HUGE leaps in my clients lives.  Literally, life changing in a matter of weeks through the  coaching process.  It is inspiring and calls me into action to take a look at anything in my life that needs “updating”.

What do I mean by “updating”?  I mean, updating your operating systems so that the program you are running matches where you want to be in life.  Most people are operating on old systems!  Past systems that have not worked for a long time!

Does anything from your past hold you back? These systems are no longer working!                                                                                                                          ………It is time to update.

Would you try and watch videos on your computer from the 1980’s?  No way.  I had one and it would be terrible.  Well, I have news for a lot of you.  Updating your operating system can allow you to speed up your manifestation time, increase your ability to be present, feel good about where you are at and not judge yourself anymore.  You are free to search, find and create at the click of your finger.

I am holding a special workshop that will also be accessible by telephone called “updating your operating system”  It is tremendously powerful and can be transformational.  Please contact me by email to see if there are anymore slots as they are going quickly.

I urge everyone to be optimistic and joyful in these times because the energy on the planet is ready for you shine.  The question then becomes are you ready to be your bright shiny self?