I wrote a blog a few weeks ago and one comment I got from someone was “This is really simple and lacks substance. Do people pay for this?”

It was the perfect message even though it felt caddy and frustrating.  I was actually in the middle of this blog about simplicity.  After letting those immediate feelings pass, I knew this critical message came to me at just the write time.  I would like to address this comment.  I normally do not waste my time doing this but this is important.

1) No, nobody pays for my blog.  I do not make money off of my blog posts.  It is free. (that might be apparent by the serious lack of advertising.  However, if Oprah does call I might have to reconsider!)

2) Maybe the post you read felt devoid of substance for you, however to quote a popular song right now called Thrift Store “one man’s junk is another man’s come up!”  Not everything resonates with everyone.  I always encourage people with anything in life, take what works for you and discard the rest.

Most importantly, is my message simple?  YES.  YES. YES.  I do not claim to be a scholar.  I am not curing cancer (that I know of).  I am not building rockets.   I am building the human psyche and self esteem.  Rather, my message is to remind people in the most simplest and truest form of who they are, why there are here, to feel better about their past so they can be in the present and that every human being walking this planet is special.

We make things so complicated, often times too complicated.  I love quantum physics, psychology, theosophy and esotericism.  There is enough text out there for people to search that out.  What I find, at least with myself and my life coaching clients, is that we have all heard the same spiritual concepts and philosophies over and over.  Practicing those, integrating those into daily life is what gets complicated. I can give simple tools, exercises and ways that people can pause for a moment and allow themselves to ask what is really important to them, what matters, what they are grateful for, etc… The energy of doing that has a physiological effect.  Panache Desai says it really well, “Change your energy, Change your life.”  This is truth.  This is simple.

The simplest yet most complicated struggle on the planet today is Love.  How to love yourself.  Loving yourself more fully and completely.  That is the #1 challenge.  No matter who I work with, this is what it comes down to underneath it all.

I choose to always remain as simple as possible.  Some of the best moments of my life have been some of the simplest.

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I will continue to write simply and tritely until the message is enveloped fully.  You are special.  Love yourself more.  Every moment matters.

Thank you to the fellow who wrote the snarky comment, it fueled my recommitment to my own message.  We are all mirrors for each other.  Thank you for holding this one in particular up for me.  Love is simple.  My message is simple.  JUST SIMPLY LOVE

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